10 common UX mistakes and how to fix them

UX design can have a huge impact on the ROI of your website and mobile apps.

Which is why Glassbox analyzed over 10 million digital sessions from more than 400 organizations to come up with a list of 10 common UX mistakes - and best practices to overcome them.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Tips and best practices for tackling 10 of the most common UX issues
  • The importance of UX design to the digital experience
  • What elements make up good UX

Why download it?

According to this analysis, over one-third of the time users will give up and leave your site if they’re not getting good direction - and this eBook’s learnings will help you keep them on your site.

Here are a bunch of visitor stats no company can afford to ignore:

🔎 36% is the average exit rate from search pages

🧭 +6% more interaction with step navigation over expanding

📦 7.5% drop in exit rate on sites that improve shipping info

ℹ️ 4.3% average promo code error rate

Grab your copy if you want to walk away with even more stats and fixes to user experience blunders and deliver a frictionless experience that’ll delight your customers every step of the way…