50 Shades of PM


Dive in to our definitive (and evolving) guide on the current PM roles. ⚙️

There’s a lot of product management roles out there!

And this isn’t surprising when you consider just how nuanced the profession of product management is. Safe to say it has a lot of gray areas.

So much so that we thought we’d cut through the noise and put together a definitive (and evolving) guide on the current product management job titles.

Welcome to the 50 Shades of PM Playbook.👇

What’s included:

Together with Amplitude, we’ve decoded the many different types of product management roles; from the Product Owner and AI PM to the Growth PM and Product Operations Manager, looking at:

🤔 Definitions.

✅ Critical responsibilities.

🔑 The key skills required.

📃 Job spec examples.

💡Insights from those in the field.

⬆️ Expert tips on how to break into certain roles.

And more...

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Grab your copy today and discover a solid breakdown of existing and emerging product management roles; how they're working within organizations, advice if you're looking to break into product management, and further insights from product pros!

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