Convince your boss | Product-led Leadership Accelerator

Wanna enroll in our Product-led Leadership Accelerator course, but don’t know how to approach your boss about it?

We’ve got you covered.

Just copy and paste this email, personalize it, and let us do the convincing for you.


Hey [insert name],

I’ve been looking into subscribing to Product-Led Alliance’s Product-led Leadership Accelerator program and was wondering whether [insert company name] would be willing to offer any financial support?

It’s a one-off fee and once I enroll, I’ll have access to the entire course curriculum along with lifetime access to all of the course content OnDemand.

This interactive leadership program spans over six weeks and is designed to help participants become the best leaders we can be, through resources, tools, and networking opportunities. It’s focused on helping us hone our leadership skills, upgrade our PLG strategy, and spark insightful discussions with other leaders. As well as being built with some of the world’s biggest brands, PLA’s courses are already trusted by the likes of Patrícia Cadete, Senior Product Operations Manager at OutSystems, and more​​. Here’s what Patrícia had to say: “PLA is my go-to when it comes to discussing all things product with other product folks, who are very active and helpful. ❤️"

I believe that participating in this program will be a valuable investment and will provide me with an infinite platform to continue my professional development with gold-standard L&D programs.

You can find more information on the program here.

Let me know if you have any questions or need anything else from me at this stage. I’d love to discuss the opportunity with you further.


[Your name]