For the Love of Product: Mission & Motivations


For the Love of Product is a bi-weekly podcast targeted at product leaders, founders and entrepreneurs. The pod is product of the Product-led Alliance - one of the leading communities for digital product management - and hosted by Tiama Hanson-Drury

The mission is to host honest, authentic interviews with those involved in the creation, development and deployment of software products to educate and empower those in product leadership roles.

Previous guests & topics include:

  • Why Failure can drive better outcomes - VP, Mobile, Workday
  • Approaching authenticity and driving the metric that matters - Chief Product Officer, Hinge
  • Fuelling product strategy through collaboration - Director, Product Strategy, TikTok
  • Build disruptive products through the power of data - Founder, Streetbees
  • Focus on prioritization & building use value - Head of Mobile, Hostelworld


The podcast is publicly available online. The primary route to market is through the Product-led Alliance’s community channels, social channels and email database - this has a combined reach of over 50,000 individuals.

The pod reaches a global audience but its strongest demographic representation is from North America and Western Europe.

Selection criteria

Our guests are at the top of their fields in technology and are selected based on their extensive experience, extraordinary achievements, business impact, and values. The aim for the pod is for it to be ‘all killer, no filler’ and ensure each guest will be relatable to our audience, provide educational content based on their experiences and has a track record of delivering outcomes and having impact in their roles.