For the Love of Product

For the Love of Product

For the Love of Product is a brand new podcast brought to you by the Product-Led Alliance and Tiama Hanson-Drury for passionate product people, founders, and startup growth gurus.

At the PLA, all roads lead to product-led growth and our goal with For the Love of Product (FLP) is to shine a light on those who are really living, breathing, and embodying PLG. Each episode, we’ll be diving into both the passion and the practice of product leadership through thought-provoking interviews with CPOs, Founders, and Inventors.

Think you’ve got a story that will inspire and educate others? Then we’d love to have you involved!

If you’re a CPO, Head of Product, or in a product leadership role, we want to talk to you about the practice of product - your journey within the field, challenges and career milestones, how you organize product within your organization, your favorite tools as well as career highlights and advice.

If you’re a Founder we want to talk to you about the passion of product - what problem did you set out to solve and why, what was your experience building out a business to support your product vision, how it feels handing over the reins as you scale, and other key learnings from your journey.

Each episode will run for around 30 minutes and be recorded on Zoom (or similar!). In advance, we’d want to hop on the phone with you (again for around 20/30 mins) to talk through key talking points, prep you on the questions, and make sure the conversation is going to be stimulating and exciting!

The podcast will be hosted on Spotify and Apple podcasts and promoted through PLA channels.

Want a bit more…? Here’s some example questions we ask.

What are the three products you would put in the product hall of fame?

What does being product-led mean to you?

Tell us about your product journey.

What trends, be it market, regulatory, technology, or product theory, are most strongly influencing your teams currently?

What advice would you give to those who are looking to set up product functions within a founder-led business?

Interested? Let us know below. 👇