Date: Thursday, July 29
Time: 9:00 PT | 12:00 ET | 17:00 BST

As the technology available to product teams becomes increasingly sophisticated, the role of the Product Manager is evolving in front of our very eyes.

Join this session with Hannah Chaplin, Director of Product Marketing and Dan Dalton, Senior Product Manager at Pendo, as they explore how AI and machine learning are becoming the new ‘must-haves’ in the product manager toolset.

Join this webinar to explore

  • Top AI/ML trends
  • The impact they're having
  • How you can embrace these changes to make better products.


Hannah Chaplin, Director of Product Marketing, Pendo
After spending most of my work life starting businesses, I settled at Pendo just over 2 years ago through the acquisition of my last business. I love everything to do with building products but I especially enjoy chatting about product feedback, using data in product decisions and mobile app development!

Dan Dalton, Senior Product Manager, Pendo
I’ve been in and around Product Management for over 10 years in both early series and global enterprise scale organisations. I’ve been at Pendo for just over a year, and I am currently leading the development of our qualitative data products. You will typically find me ranting, quite happily, about my favorite subject in qualitative data.