How to 10x execution with better OKR planning [OnDemand]

Minimize confusion and accelerate your success by adopting better OKR planning processes.

OKR planning can confuse the organization. Sometimes, teams fail to get the most out of planning because the hand-off between planning and execution is flawed.

This leads to abandoned OKRs, forgotten key results, and ultimately, leads the organization off track.

So if you're always asking yourself - What’s expected of me? When’s the deadline? What makes a good OKR? - then we've got the live session for you.

Catch the replay of our session with experts from Coda as we present a number of rituals that successful teams have adopted to help execute the planning process faster.

Plus, we'll provide pointers to concrete templates in case you want to try out any of the patterns.

Key takeaways:

  • Spotting common anti-patterns in your team’s planning process that take away from your execution
  • Identify key rituals, including information organization, integrating planning and execution, and engineering analytics
  • Optimizing your team’s planning process and measurement

Meet your expert host:

Oliver Heckmann Head of Engineering at Coda Previously the VP Engineering at Google, Oliver is passionate about building great world-changing products.

At Coda, he works on creating innovative solutions to make online workspaces more efficient and effective.