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It would be quicker to list the reasons not to (really, there’s no reason not to…) but the benefits include:

🗞 Access and share fresh PLG content in our #plg-recommended-reading channel.
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🥳 It’s fun! Our members are passionate about what they do, but there’s a good deal of product banter too...

Don’t believe how awesome we are? Logos don’t lie. We’ve got members from all these awesome companies:

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Is there a fee to join?

Nope! And there never will be. Slack doesn’t charge for a free account so neither do we.

Can I promote my company’s products?

Hmmm, no. Our community is an independent haven for product pros and we are eager to keep it free from pure sales content. If it’s part of a relevant discussion, we won’t stop you mentioning your product just as long as you’re transparent about your relationship with it. What we don’t want is sales posts.

Can I invite other people to join?

Absolutely! Please do! Invite all your product pals!