Leading radical innovation with skunkworks projects [OnDemand]

More autonomy = more innovation = exponential growth + business growth. πŸ“ˆ

Since the development of Lockheed Martin's ADP programme, the emergence of 'skunkworks' projects have allowed products to be built with complete autonomy of the wider org.

This freedom makes way for more innovative ideas to launch onto the market quicker whilst bypassing normal, often bureaucratic, procedures.

But how can you tell which ones will work? And just how successful will they be?

Catch the replay of this session to hear real-world lessons about identifying promising skunkworks projects and how to lead them through the whole process, right from market assessment and advocacy, to marketing and launch.

Key takeaways:

πŸ”Ž How to identify, showcase, and deliver 'outsider' products

πŸ”„ Why rapid innovation occurs as often in 'field-led' or 'skunkworks' projects as in core engineering

❓What's in the go-to-market gap between working code and a launched product

Meet your expert host: