My name is Scott Niemann, I’m Director of Product Management at Revenera, which is an enabling technology that takes products to market fast, unlocks the value of your IP and accelerates revenue growth from the edge to the cloud.

In this article, I’m going to talk about optimizing software product ops in a hybrid world and why the hybrid concept is important.

Here’s our main talking points:

Let’s go ahead and dive in 👇

Why: Business insights and a single system of record

Why is it important?

Business agility

A lot of companies are introducing new deployment models, new license models and have plans to transition to the cloud and the products to SaaS-based applications but they also have to maintain their existing systems, on-premise solutions and license models.

You need a platform that allows these rapid changes without necessarily holding up the back-end processing of the order process as well as the fulfillment process. Basically, you want to be able to transition to these new models without having to redo everything you've done in terms of the order process system.


So you want efficiency. You want to be able to grow into these new systems and integrate them into the ordering process. You also want the analytics based on how your customers are using the products and services you're selling as well as the integrations to the business systems you may have today and being able to utilize those same types of systems and integrate them into a single back end to provide business insights.

Streamline quote-to-cash and revenue recognition