🗓 Date: March 14-15, 2023
📍 Venue: Convene, 117 West 46th Street, New York

What is Product-Led Summit? 🤔

Harness the power of in-person events at the Product-Led Summit and level up your PM knowledge by deep diving into product-led growth, PM best practices, and career progression with a day of presentations, panels, and networking opportunities.

This awesome 2-day event will be bringing 15+ sessions with a variety of speakers. Seriously, we're assembling some seriously big product brains from big and small companies alike.

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Speaker Highlights. 🎙

Tricia Maia is a mission-driven product executive with 12 years of experience across industries – from startups to Fortune 15 companies. She is currently Senior Director of Product at TED, where she leads digital product management, design, analytics, and support teams. She also serves as a Founding Board Member for I’ll Go First, a mental health tech startup. Tricia has a background in economic development and holds a master's degree from the London School of Economics.

Technology has innovated the world around us and is Janis's life-long passion. Janisa's mission is to connect teams across large organizations to strategize and execute for global impact. She has a deep curiosity for the ins and outs of a product and collaborating with engineering, design, and insights to deliver the best experience to users. Janisa utilizes this passion with her abilities to be futuristic, analytical, and focused, all while having superb communication skills.

When she is not balancing the priorities of an ever-growing tech space, Janisa is a Board Member for Powering Potential (a non-profit that brings educational resources to developing countries), public speaker, dancer, and world traveler. Whether in her career or personal life, consistent growth and development is what wakes her up every day and invigorated for the next challenge to come.

Max is a Product leader passionate about building healthy, high-performing teams and creating high-quality products that solve meaningful human problems. I do this by bringing together great people, rallying them around an inspiring vision and strategy, and partnering across the organization to ensure that the necessary systems and culture are in place to set them up for success.

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Agenda highlights. ⭐️

⭐️ How to Launch a Successful Data Science Product
⭐️ Stakeholder managment
⭐️ Wrecking Ball: Making difficult decisions in product management
⭐️ Design-driven leadership for efficacious collaboration & innovation
⭐️ Continuous Learning from “Think It” to “Scale It”
⭐️ Power of cross-functional deference in product.
⭐️ Roadworks- When your product roadmap hits a bump in the road

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