State of AI Product Management


To unpack everything we can on the state of AI product management, we’re putting together a report covering...well... just that. Wanna get involved? 👇

It’s estimated that around 70% of global businesses have started AI initiatives, with machine learning (and data) being the most common thread among the vast majority.

However, AI and ML in product management is still a work in progress, as many product orgs struggle to figure it out, get it right, and achieve success.

AI does bring its challenges to traditional product management, but the push to develop AI-integrated products puts the intersection of AI and product management into sharp focus.

All this and more is why we want to take a closer look… 👀

With your help, the report will cover:

  • What it takes to be a successful AI PM.
  • The importance of managing the ML lifecycle.
  • How product orgs are utilizing AI and ML.
  • Why AI/ML might not be the right solution.
  • Building AI products responsibly.
  • Data, metrics, and progress in AI/ML product management.

And more…

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