State of Product Leadership survey 2024

Product Leadership

It’s time to shape the future of leadership.

Take our survey and join the movement to redefine product leadership. 

With your insights, we’ll put out an accurate report on the current product leadership space so you can make sure your leadership team is up to snuff.

What are we looking for?

Our survey will dive into 6 topics to make sure we’ve covered the most crucial ground:

1. Current landscape of product leadership

2. Trends and emerging practices

3. Tech adoption in product management

4. Challenges and opportunities

5. Data-driven decision-making

6. Skills and competencies

We want you to paint a picture of where product leadership stands today. Share your thoughts on the latest trends and emerging practices.

Tell us how you’re embracing technology, unveil the challenges and exciting opportunities you face, show us how you leverage data for better decision-making, and share your insights on the essential skills for successful product leaders today.

Why participate?

Your input will shape our upcoming report, providing invaluable insights for current and future leaders. Help us create a roadmap so product leaders can remain up-to-date on current practices and keep their teams happy. 

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