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Templates & Frameworks
This is your members-only templates and frameworks hub. Remember, these will be added to every month so keep an eye out for our updates

And for everyone else…

From launch checklists to creating growth models to experimentation cheat sheets, as a product leader, you have a ton of processes to follow and we want to help make your life a bit easier by providing a go-to resource of templates, methodologies and frameworks. We know there is a ton available out there online, but sifting through Google search results to find the right thing can be a pain…. Plus theres no guarantee what you’re working of is qualified.

All of the templates and frameworks on our membership plan have been created or reviewed by product pros from organizations such as:

Our library is growing every month, right now you can access templates for:

  • Product launch
  • Lean experimentation
  • Growth models
  • Market requirements
  • Team charters
  • Prioritization
  • Churn-rate
  • Subscription conversions
  • Onboarding
  • User experience
  • Competitive analysis
  • PLG metrics
  • Conversion
  • OKR canvas
  • Current state customer journey map
  • Product discovery interview
  • Product alignment
  • Value proposition
  • The Kano model
  • The Demo checklist
  • The Heart framework
  • PLG churn rate cheat sheet
  • Improving trail-to-subscription conversions
  • Product feature prioritization
  • RICE model
  • Personal interview questions bank
  • 12 Principles of Agile
  • PIE Model
  • Product metrics template
  • Market research ideas template
  • & more

Have a framework you think would help your peers? We’re always happy to receive submissions, ideas or requests so get in touch.