Conversion rate optimization 101 for PMs [eBook]

Discover how an optimized conversion process can turn more visitors into loyal customers, increase efficiency in your org, and help drive that all-important revenue.

Understanding conversion rate optimization (CRO) is essential for any PM. And once you grasp it, you’ll be primed to:

β†’ Identify where users are dropping off in the customer journey and optimizing those areas to create a better user experience.

β†’ Increase revenue by optimizing the product pages, checkout process, and other conversion points of your product.

β†’ Make more data-driven decisions based on evidence rather than intuition or assumptions.

…And the list goes on.

Ready to start applying CRO across your product? πŸ‘‡

Our brand-new eBook's here to help you with just that.

We take a deep-dive into how a strong CRO strategy can help improve your conversion rates and in turn, lower acquisition costs, improve user experience and increase retention.

Key takeaways:

⏰ Understand why CRO is worth the time and energy

❌ Identify the shortcomings of Google Analytics for CRO

🧠 Learn about how CRO impacts different industries

πŸ“ˆ Establish a systematic approach for measuring conversion