The product manager’s guide to embedded analytics users love | survey

In-app data exploration has become the new standard in user experience for B2B and B2C apps, with customers expecting high-quality analytics to help them get value out of their data.

However, product leaders and developers are facing new challenges when delivering an experience to put them ahead of the competition.

So, how can product leaders help their developers have a great analytics-building experience, putting out a product that keeps users coming back for more?

Together with ThoughtSpot Everywhere, we're putting together the ultimate guide designed to answer this and more.

But we need your help to shape it.

What will this guide cover?

We'll be breaking down why delivering embedded analytics solutions should be on every product builders’ radar, and what they need to know to create experiences that keep users coming back for more.

The guide will cover key topic areas, including:

🤔 What are embedded analytics? Who needs them?
📱 The modern data stack and the best tools to invest in
💪 The key elements for a strong user experience
📈 How to measure the ROI/impact of your analytics loads more.

Take the survey and help us build this ultimate guide. 👇