The State of Product Ops


We're thrilled to release our comprehensive State of Product Ops 2023 report, where we dove into the insights, findings, and wisdom gathered from the leading minds in the industry. 

Are you eager to see where product ops is and will be going? Don't hesitate any longer – download the report to see where this incredible role is at!

Product ops, a term still emerging, encompasses the operational facets of conceiving, delivering, and overseeing digital products. It's a discipline laser-focused on refining and enhancing the procedures and pipelines integral to product development.

We've explored a wealth of depth in our report, committed to unveiling the state of product ops with your valuable contributions from our survey earlier this year… 

In our report, we explore the hottest topics, such as:

1. The essential attributes defining a successful product ops manager in 2023.

2. The diverse applications of product ops in the realm of business.

3. Insights from industry experts regarding the evolving landscape of product ops, year by year.

4. Core objectives essential for excelling in product ops.

5. A comprehensive overview of the metrics used to gauge the wins of product ops.

6. And much more…

Here’s a little taster to whet your appetite before the main course: 

  • 91% of those surveyed have a product ops function in their organization.
  • The most important principle of product ops was voted to be enabling product teams, coming in at 33% of all the choices.
  • Of all the roles in product ops, analyzing data to inform product decisions was voted the most important at 24%.

“By bringing in an operations team, companies can ensure that their operational infrastructure is aligned with the company's cultural and strategic evolution, helping the company continue (or reignite) its growth trajectory while avoiding potential operational pitfalls that can hinder progress.”

Lindsay Bell, Strategic Operational Leadership for Product, Engineering, and Design Teams

Your input fueled the depth of our findings, illuminating the path forward for the entire product ops community. Thank you for being an integral part of this report.

So don't miss out – immerse yourself in the world of product ops by downloading the report today!