Product-Led Growth

Based out of London, Product-Led Alliance (PLA) was founded in December 2019 with a vision of providing an independent learning platform for product pioneers, growth gurus, and go-to-market experts from around the world.

Our mission

Our goal is to assist people and businesses in aligning their entire company with their product as the reliable, long-lasting driver of business expansion.

For newcomers to product-led growth (PLG), we aim to inspire and guide you through your journey. For those already embracing product-led strategies, we strive to furnish you with the necessary tools to innovate and sustain your growth momentum.

What we do

At PLA, we use our immersive platform to bring product management content right to your fingertips.

  • Our regularly updated library includes articles, podcasts, reports, and videos from our team and guest contributors. Our arsenal of cutting-edge content will arm you with the intel needed to propel your PLG strategy.
  • Our summits, hosted by Product-Led World, take place across the globe, connecting you to the best and brightest in the industry. Networking has never been easier.
  • Can’t make it to a summit? Join one of our interactive virtual events with presentations, panels, Q&A, and more, all from the comfort of your couch, or home office, or bed, or... you get the gist.
  • Our membership packages provide you with everything you need to evolve and excel in your role and help propel your organization’s growth.
  • Our reports delve into the hottest topics to uncover trends, raise awareness, and help organizations keep pace with a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Who are we?

Richard King

Founder, CEO

With a decade of experience, Richard leads development, marketing, and product strategy for enterprise B2B SaaS firms. His fervor lies at the nexus of product, marketing, sales, and data.

Richard continually invests in early-stage ventures, seeking sales, marketing, and strategic guidance. Proficient in business startups, strategic planning, finance, negotiation, and product marketing, Richard excels in shaping organizational trajectories.

Josie King

Founder, COO

Josie drives professional development for global high-growth entities and individuals. As The Alliance's co-founder, she orchestrates impactful events, dominating the marketing landscape.

Her specialties encompass growth strategy, product development, and organizational transformation, fostering high-performance teams and managing complex mergers. With expertise in digital marketing and strategic planning, Josie excels in new market expansion and P&L leadership.

Bryony Pearce


Bryony is a multifaceted creator specializing in courses, content, marketing strategies, and books. She has grown The Alliance from one to 15 different brands, expanding its original one-person team to 20+ members and collectively attracting over 6M users annually.

Bryony is also the author of the highly acclaimed non-fiction book "Product Marketing Misunderstood," reaching thousands of readers and maintaining a stellar 4.5/5 rating.

Nasi Rwigema

Head of Product

Nasi is a dedicated creator driven by a passion for crafting solutions to societal challenges. Focused on empowering individuals from underserved communities, Nasi's career revolves around developing impactful products and initiatives.

Nasi has an extensive background in engineering and is committed to sustainability while developing renewable energy projects. This reflects his deep-rooted desire to contribute positively to the world while creating solutions cherished by many.

Rebecca Madro

Midweight Copywriter

Rebecca, a dedicated storyteller, has transformed her love for words into a career as a Copywriter. Her mission is to enlighten and motivate audiences about whatever concepts she's currently writing about. When not crafting content, she writes under the alias Amelia Ives as a fantasy author whose books have sparked trends on TikTok and sold out in local bookstores.

Adding to her talents, Rebecca is also a musician whose tracks, signed by record labels, have garnered over 250,000 streams.

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