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March 1, 2024

🔥 Fresh content 🔥

Finding the balance between risk and opportunity ⚖️ 

Exciting yet challenging, product management is the heartbeat of innovation! As we chart the course to create products customers adore, we must navigate the sea of opportunities while steering clear of hidden risks. From identifying market gaps to leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and AR/VR, the journey is ripe with potential, so long as you can avoid pesky risks. 

Design thinking: Crafting seamless design-led customer experiences 🛠️ 

Jump into user-centered design (UCD) and design thinking, where innovation meets user needs head-on. From crafting seamless navigation to embracing adaptive design, these methodologies revolutionize the way we connect with users. With a strategic blend of UCD and design thinking, businesses can create products that resonate deeply with users, fostering trust and loyalty. 

Product operations: A major influencer on enterprise success 🚀

Check out the latest insights on the impact of product operations across all facets of business. Come explore how product operations fosters excellence by breaking down barriers and aligning diverse voices towards a common goal. From sales to customer success, product ops serves as a pivotal force driving collaboration and innovation.  

We have an announcement...

Okay, this one’s a real “pinch-me” moment for us at Product-Led Alliance. 🥺

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that *the* Financial Times has ranked our parent company, The Alliance, 42nd among Europe’s 1000 fastest-growing companies. 🎉

It’s truly humbling to see our hard work pay off with an acknowledgment like this. 

Cast your mind back to 2019, The Alliance was a tiny team of big-dreamers embarking on our first foray into community-led L&D with Product Marketing Alliance. 

Fast-forward just five years, and things are looking a hell of a lot different.

💪 We’re now 15 communities strong
🌎 We host 130+ events per year across the globe
🫂 We’ve gone from a staff of just two to a workforce of 121 

Scaling certainly ain’t easy, especially during the challenging market conditions of the last two years.  But it’s not the numbers that matter here. 

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support from our incredible community members and team of dedicated employees. This is all down to you. 

We’re living proof that the world needs communities and people who believe in and support each other. And community-led growth? Well, it’s the future, baby!

Thank you for the recognition, FT1000, we can't wait to show what else is in store.

It's time to minimize confusion and accelerate your success

OKR planning - what does this phrase mean to you?

For some, it brings confusion - teams fail to get most out of planning due to the flawed hand-off between the plans and the execution.

But not anymore. We bring you the solution with our latest live session, featuring industry experts from Coda.

📅 Thurs March 7

⏰ 10am PT | 1pm ET | 6pm GMT

💻 Online

Join us as we present a number of rituals that successful teams have adopted to help execute the planning process faster. ⏩

We'll also provide pointers to concrete templates in case you want to try out any of the patterns.

Register today. 🎥

Exclusive Member Webinars: Flexible Roadmaps for PLG Initiatives

📅 When: March 28, 2024

⏰ Time: 10:00 am EDT | 2:00 pm GMT

One of the biggest challenges product people have with roadmaps is that internal an external teams believe what's on the roadmap is set in stone, when in fact it will ALWAYS change. This is exacerbated when you are working on a product led growth parts of applications where PMs need to adapt their plans regularly based on user behavior data.

Here’s what you can expect to discover:

🛣️ Understanding Initiative Level roadmaps and their role in managing team and stakeholder expectations

💼 Exploring the flexibility needed to transform processes like self-enrollment

📈 Learning how to leverage Initiative Level roadmaps to increase pipeline conversion rates and revenue

Sign up here!

Please note: This is a paid members only event, if you aren't a paid member of the Product-Led Alliance and would like to be, you can see our membership plans here.

💬 Talking points

@Shelly Moorman is curious if anyone has a PPT slide they could share that shows the product process of discovering, designing, developing, and deploying with sub-bullets of what is included in each section. 

Help them out

@Ken Oestreich is looking for current statistics on growth, efficiency, etc., for companies based on PLG vs. Sales-led growth. Are there any current pointers, references, stats, or reports?

Share your thoughts

@Jz is looking for an AI flowchart reader, not an AI flowchart creator. There are many custom chatGPT flowchart makers. Is there a way to convert logic to code? If my input is the flowchart, how do I turn that into structured data?

Get involved

@Katie Kelly is writing an article about what the Chief Product Officers really think about experimentation (A/B testing,  feature testing). Let her know your thoughts on the topic.

Got any suggestions?

Keep up with all the latest hot topics on the #plg-questions channel.

👋 Opportunities

Marcus Schubert is looking for a Senior Product Operations Manager in Germany.

Apply now

Nerissa Muijs’s German team is looking for a PM, preferably on-site (but not a dealbreaker), in Dusseldorf to join the (auto) leasing team.

Apply now

Aimee has kindly shared these job openings for Senior Product Manager, Product Manager, and Senior Product Analyst.

Apply now

Megan Bubley posted that Atmosphere TV - the premier streaming provider for business - is on the hunt for a stellar senior product manager to join their team. They want someone responsible for building the tools to help their customers make the most out of their Atmosphere subscription.

Apply now

Keep up with all the latest opportunities on the #product-jobs channel.

🤝 PLA Mentorship

Exciting news... Mentorships are added to the Product Led Alliance membership!

We don’t take our mentor program lightly. Every applicant is carefully vetted and only the crème de la crème product marketers come on board. It’s CV-worthy in and of itself.

Becoming a product marketing mentor has tonnes of upsides to it…these are really only a few of them:

🎯 Help other product marketers reach their potential

🙌 Give back to the community and leave your own legacy

💡 Gain fresh perspectives and learn from your protégé

See all the information here 🔥

If you aren't a paid member yet of the Product Led Alliance and would like to be, you can see our membership plans here or contact @Ciara for more info.

🎓 Courses


Product Management Certified: Core

This fully self-paced curriculum packed with templates, frameworks, and real-world case studies will equip you with all the necessary and real-life product management skills to skyrocket your career to new heights.

Product Operations Certified: Masters

The need for product ops experts is skyrocketing, making it a pivotal role in today’s teams. Our course is designed to enhance your skills in all the essential aspects of product ops.

Live & in-person

Product Management Core: Amsterdam

Transform your product management skillset in a single day on May 15. Join our experts and your peers for the ultimate product management certification and shape the trajectory of your career.

Pre-order & save

Product Operations: Core - Coming March 2024

Dive into advanced strategies for scaling operations, data analytics, team management and more, all to deliver real results.

Product Roadmaps: Masters - Coming June 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned product manager or just starting your journey, this course is designed to demystify the art and science of creating effective roadmaps.

Pre-order now and save up to $300.

📆 Coming up 📆

New York Summits 🇺🇸

East Coast product leaders 🚨

Hear from a remarkable lineup of experts and visionaries who will reveal their closely guarded secrets on how they have unleashed the potential of their companies through product-led strategies.

Tickets are flying fast! Don't miss your chance to join this pivotal moment to network with your local product community.

1️⃣ Product-Led Summit
📅 March 20 & 21
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2️⃣ Product Operations Summit
📅 March 20 & 21
🎟️ Grab your pass

3️⃣ Chief Product Officer Summit
📅 March 20
🎟️ Grab your pass

Amsterdam summits 🇾🇪

Product-Led Alliance is coming to Amsterdam in May. 🌷

We're bringing together Mainland Europe's product community, and you won't want to miss out.

Hear from companies like Uber, Meta, Deel, Booking com, Liiva, Doodle, adidas and so many more...

Grab your ticket today, to save up to 200€ before our early-bird period closes. ⏰

Product Operations Summit Amsterdam, May 16 & 17
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Product-Led Summit Amsterdam, May 16 & 17
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Chief Product Officer Summit Amsterdam, May 16
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Product-Led Summit Las Vegas 🎲🃏

Join us on May 22 & 23 to hear from product experts from the likes of Oracle, American Express, Target, TeamSnap, Credit One Bank, Rheaply, Matilion, and many more.

Secure your early bird ticket now, save $200 and invest in your future for less.

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💻 Product Operations Festival 💻

Fresh on the market...

Product Operations Festival is coming to your screen on April 11, and it's going to be a hot one.

Discover strategies and tactics that can propel your product ops team to new heights.

Our speaker lineup is stacked with some of the biggest names, including EA, F5, GitHub, Netflix, Delivery Hero, Uber, plus many more.

Don't miss a single moment of inspiration, revelation, and virtual networking.

Grab your complimentary ticket. 👈

Want to speak at one of our 2024 events?

Fill in this form & we'll get in touch!

🫂 Join the product club 🫂

The above is just the tip of the product iceberg - consider PLA membership

Here’s a quick TL;DR of what you’ll unlock: 🔓

Connect with your fellow product experts from companies such as LinkedIn, Slack, and more in a private community.

Catch up on the latest product management hacks by topic or event with 350+ hours of OnDemand event footage.

Gain real-world insights from PLG leaders with your very own biweekly dose of exclusive, members-only content.

Streamline your day-to-day with 50+ templates and frameworks ready-to-use whenever, wherever.

Early, ungated access to new products and reports to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Free live stream access to every single one of our in-person summits.

Some pretty sweet perks including discounts on events and certifications.

Once you sign up, the value never stops.

🛠 Resources 🛠

The State of Product Data report 2022
The PM’s Guide to Embedded Analytics report
The State of Product Ops report 2022
Tools of Choice 2023 report
Ones to Watch in PLG 2023 report
Unlock the full potential of product integrations
Drive better decision-making
The big payoff of application analytics
Building a culture of experimentation

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“Thanks to PLA, I've had the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in the world of product management, engaging in insightful AMAs and forging connections with esteemed product leaders. These experiences have ignited a profound interest in me, particularly in the captivating domain of AI product management. I'm inspired to pursue this path and channel my passion into shaping the future of innovative AI-driven products.”

- Soham Sharma, PLA Slack member

We thrive on your feedback, so don’t hesitate to let us know how we’re doing!

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