For the Love of Product is back! This week’s guest is Apurva Garware, VP of Product and GM at Upwork, the world’s largest work marketplace. Apurva takes us through her unique product career, how her inspiration to lead came from a desire to give back, the opportunities of embracing learning and flexibility, and more. 👇

‎For the Love of Product 💙🎙: Leaning in with a learning mindset, with Apurva Garware on Apple Podcasts
‎Show For the Love of Product 💙🎙, Ep Leaning in with a learning mindset, with Apurva Garware - 27 Apr 2022

Key talking points include:

  • How asking a simple question helped create a very meaningful career
  • The benefits of leaving a rising star of the post-pandemic world to do something new
  • The opportunity we can all harness from the #GreatReshuffle
  • Advice for those moving into the next stage of their product leadership journey
  • Knowing when to add value as a product leader

A little about the guest

For over 15 years, Apurva has been a leader who has built products and teams within some of the biggest tech companies around, such as Amazon and Microsoft. But she's also worked at earlier-stage companies like Cora and Medium. In her current role, she’s scaling the world's largest work marketplace as we all enter another year of online remote-first working.

Apurva is driven by building customer-facing products that solve real problems, create impact, and well… just work! As a leader, she offers career coaching, career development and mentorship for those on her teams and industry mentees.

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