Are you passionate about shaping the future of product-led growth (PLG)? Are you curious about industry trends, salaries, and analytics? 

Jump on the opportunity to contribute to two pivotal research surveys that will define the PLG landscape in 2024: The Product Management Salary Survey and the Product Analytics Survey.

Help us to unveil insights that will power the next phase of product-led growth. Your expertise is the key to illuminating the inner workings of PLG strategies and methodologies.

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Why participate in these surveys?

Understanding the pulse of PLG is essential, and we want to tap into your unique perspectives.

Be part of a global network of product leaders, managers, and professionals who are dedicated to creating value-led, outcomes-focused product experiences.

The more responses we receive from PLG professionals, the more accurate our insights can be.

We understand your time is precious. Therefore, we've streamlined our surveys into two focused questionnaires – each critical aspect of PLG.

What to expect in these surveys:

We will delve into key aspects, including:

1. Product management salary survey:

  • Evaluating salary and compensation trends in product management.
  • Analyzing factors influencing salary levels.
  • Benchmarking your compensation against industry standards.

2. Product analytics survey:

  • Exploring the role of analytics in product decision-making.
  • Understanding preferred analytics tools.
  • Uncovering challenges and successes in leveraging product analytics.

The more participants, the richer the insights. If you have connections in the PLG space, please share the survey links with your network!

What’s in it for you?

We aim to produce comprehensive reports for your benefit, enabling you to:

  • Benchmark your salary against industry standards.
  • Understand how your team's compensation compares.
  • Gain insights into the future of product-led growth.

Rest assured, your responses are 100% anonymous. We're interested in your thoughts and experiences in the world of product-led growth – no personal details required.

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