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🚨 Product-Led Alliance Awards 2023 nominations have now closed, stay tuned for your finalists and winner announcements!

The Product-Led Alliance is the world’s fastest-growing community for all things product-led, helping to fuel growth in organizations big and small around the world. 💪

Aaaand it’s time (once again) to celebrate, highlight and showcase those in the PLG world who are going above and beyond at the Product-Led Awards 2023!

Whether you’re paving new ground with product-led strategies, a POPs pioneer helping your product team to thrive, a rising star in your organization, or you work with a truly incredible product team - we want to know.🥇

Product Leader of the Year Award

This award recognizes an exceptional product leader who has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, strategic vision, and a track record of driving successful product initiatives.

Criteria include:
- Demonstrated ability to inspire and lead cross-functional teams.
- Proven track record of delivering innovative and successful product launches.
- Positive impact on the organization's growth and bottom line through product strategies.
- Evidence of fostering a strong product culture and promoting collaboration within the team.

Product Team of the Year

The Product Team of the Year award celebrates a high-performing team that has consistently delivered exceptional products and achieved significant milestones.

Criteria include:
- Successful execution of product development projects with measurable outcomes.
- Strong collaboration and communication within the team and with stakeholders.
- Ability to adapt and respond to changing market demands effectively.
- Evidence of a customer-centric approach in product decision-making.

Product Tool of Choice Award

The Product Tool of Choice award honors a product management tool that has significantly contributed to improving productivity, efficiency, and overall success in product management.

Criteria include:
- Demonstrated user-friendliness and ease of adoption.
- Proven positive impact on product development and management processes.
- Scalability and adaptability to various product team sizes and types of products.
- Testimonials from users highlighting its effectiveness and benefits.

Product Ops MVP Award

This award recognizes an individual who has made invaluable contributions to product operations, optimizing processes, and enabling product teams to function at their best.

Criteria include:
- Development and implementation of efficient product management processes.
- Demonstrated ability to identify and address operational challenges proactively.
- Impactful collaboration with cross-functional teams to streamline product workflows.
- Evidence of enhancing productivity and efficiency within the product organization.

Rising Star in Product Award

This award acknowledges an up-and-coming individual who shows great promise and potential as a future product leader.

Criteria include:
- Demonstrated early achievements in product management or related roles.
- Evidence of quick learning and growth in the product domain.
- Positive impact on product outcomes and team dynamics.
- Recommendations and support from peers and mentors.

Key dates for your diary

💌 Submission deadline: Sept 21st

🌟 Finalists announced: Oct 5th

🏆 Winners announced: Oct 19th

Our judging criteria

Here's what we’re looking for in our winners:

🌟 Superstars who are changing the game in PLG.

💥 Solid bottom-line business impact that can be demonstrated - be it revenue, deals closed, lead gen, stronger processes or any other ways they've set other teams up for success.

🗣 Anecdotal support from at least one other member of your/the nominee’s company.

✅ Anything else you think helps you/your nominee stand out in the crowd.

Happy nominating! 😁

(The Product-led Alliance reserves the right to modify or update the award criteria as necessary to align with industry best practices and evolving product management standards.)