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Our first in-person events since the pandemic took place in London last week; we want to say a HUGE thank you to all who came, we had a blast.

Couldn't make it? No fear - we've got tons of exclusive content, articles, blogs and pods coming your way, so hunker down, grab a hot bevvy and get stuck in.

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collaborations between product & marketing

Collaborations between product & marketing [webinar]

As customer expectations change, product & marketing must work even closer to deliver a seamless experience.

So how can your teams achieve this?

Join this session, hosted by Adam Greco and John Cutler from Amplitude, as they demonstrate how to bring teams together and create effective synergies that ensure a streamlined product experience for your customers.

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the ops of ops

The ops of ops

DevOps, ProductOps, DesignOps, ResearchOps… the list is endless. But why is there a sudden urge in operations-related roles?

Hugo Froes, Product Operations at OLXMotorsEurope, delves into this phenomenon that's happening across development disciplines, explaining why each role differs and what they can learn from each other.

So! many! ops!

intellum logo

The most successful customer education initiatives are powered by Intellum.

Over many years of working with some of the largest companies to deliver their educational programs at scale, we recognized a pattern in the structure of the most successful programs.

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the logistics of building a strong team

The logistics of building a strong team

"[As a former iNGO manager], one of the most effective things I found for increasing productivity, ownership, and morale was investing in culture building."

"Now, I am constantly thinking about what I can do to help make our team stronger."

accuRx’s Senior PM, Hanne Ockert-Axelsson, delves into how to create a culture that makes teams stronger, builds a baseline of trust and focusses on identity to level up.

Make teamwork fun again

what is the product mindset?

What is the product mindset?

The current view of the product mindset is that if you just think about something enough, you will figure it all out and be successful.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. No amount of thinking will figure everything out before it happens, especially when you're building something new.

Chris Butler, Head of Product Ops at Cognizant, explores this concept of a 'product mindset', explaining why it isn't a simple, functional mindset and that being uncertain has some benefits.

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outbound product management

Ship the right product, at the right time, every time.

Good PMs know the value of customer feedback. However, beyond users there are strategic partnerships which require a deeper level of attention.

Enter: Outbound Product Management.

Join this roundtable session, hosted by Eric Crane, Co-Founder & CPO at Flatfile, as we explore:

  • Its role as part design partner and part business development
  • How Outbound PMs build products to satisfy a niche customer group
  • Why satisfying one niche can benefit the rest of your customer base

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