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Welcome to your hub for all things product operations, designed to be the go-to place to get your learnings on this emerging function.

Product ops is becoming the backbone of product-led growth within organizations, but there’s still so much to be learnt and shared in this space.

So if you’re looking for inspiration, insights and more, right here is the place you need to be. Watch this space for more to come.

Our hosts, Graham Reed and Antonia Landi, are always at the forefront of everything product ops. Each episode, they bring on a special guest to speak about the current trends of the product ops industry, and what that means for you as a professional.

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The product operations ebook: A comprehensive guide to the product ops function
The ultimate guide to Product Operations is here! Read on to learn about the fundamentals of product ops, the responsibilities of a product ops manager, and much, much more…

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Learnings in product ops 🤓

Choose your own adventure: models of product operations
I like to think about your model as a “choose your own adventure” team structure. For every spectrum below you can pick either the extreme or the middle of the range. If you have a complex org structure, you may have some sub-groups on one side of the spectrum and some on the other.
Maturing product ops: 3 critical steps to scaling for success
Somewhere within the tech and telecom space, there was a product operations team that was self-described as small, but mighty. They were focused, team members were proud of their work, and it was going well. But then, along came a set of new (and common) problems.
What is product operations?
With an ever-increasing amount of content and conversation around the emerging product ops function, we wanted to create the perfect space to take a deep dive into the position and explore the role and responsibilities of product ops, the key skills, the evolution of the function, and more.
Breaking down the product operations (ops) fundamentals
Product ops is a function aimed to help product teams achieve better outcomes. Here, we’re going to break down the fundamentals of the function, unpacking the key responsibilities, pillars of the role, and the key aspects an org needs to focus on when building a product ops team.
The 3 qualities to measure when evaluating product operations
There’s a core set of skills that product operations roles can be measured by. These skills can be an effective way to evaluate candidates when hiring for product operations. Let’s go through the framework for this…
Top tips for breaking into product operations (ops)
Getting a new position can be difficult - especially in an emerging role! If you’re looking to transition into product operations from a PM role, this article is for you! We asked experts their top tips for breaking into product ops.
Key responsibilities for product ops in 2022
Product operations is still an emerging role, so the responsibilities of the role are ever-shifting. The key responsibilities of product ops, whether as a team of one or more, can vary depending on the organization, but some consistent areas have become tied to the role over the last year or so.
Myths of product operations
I wanted to dispel some of the myths around the role of product operations, and the impact they’re having. This is from my perspective and other product ops teams may operate differently.
Product operations trends for 2023
As the year comes to an end, we ponder what the future holds for the product operations role. Luckily in our State of Product Ops Report 2022, we asked experts for their predictions of what will happen in product ops land in the next year.
Top metrics for product ops in 2022
Measuring the results of your product operations projects is tricky since this role is still emerging. We asked our experts if there are any metrics that product ops should focus on to measure success.
Why product operations is the next iteration in product management
Today, there’s one thing I know for sure: If we continue to operate in product management the way we always have, expecting teams to contribute not only to the success of the product, but the business overall, we can’t leave PMs hanging without the appropriate levels of support.
Product ops’ real customer
Product operations are effectively PM’ing the PM experience. A key component to this is knowing who we are focusing on. So who is the product ops customer? Who are the different groups that are “users” of our work?
Applying Taylorism to product ops: overall equipment effectiveness
I am no expert in Taylorism but there are a few exciting methods and frameworks I discovered while studying this management system. One of those is “Overall Equipment Effectiveness”, a way to overview how we spend our time by analyzing what adds value to the company’s end goal and what does not.
Product Operations: From one to many
This article expands on my previous article about building a Product Ops function as a team of one. Eventually, though, you’ll need to consider how to scale up to a larger team to better support your colleagues and the product function overall. The problem is, where do you start?
Product operations is about incentivizing glue work
At the POPs Summit, I hosted a panel on the “Pillars of Product Operations.” This article outlines the discussion from that panel. We make the case for the value of this “glue” work, why aligning incentives with the prod ops team is key, and what limits there are to the team taking it on.
Product ops is creative destruction
When I first started as the head of product operations for Cognizant we realized that there were processes that shouldn’t be done anymore. In this article, we’ll talk about why we have processes, how to kill (or modify) one, and finally how we avoid creating bad processes in the first place.
Product Ops is here - what next?
When Product Operations as a field came along, I finally felt heard. For me, it was a sign that companies in Europe were finally realizing just how important product was to their success. And while I think we’re moving in the right direction, there is still a struggle.
Breaking down the product operations (ops) fundamentals
Product ops is a function aimed to help product teams achieve better outcomes. Here, we’re going to break down the fundamentals of the function, unpacking the key responsibilities, pillars of the role, and the key aspects an org needs to focus on when building a product ops team.
Product Operations: From zero to one
If you’re exploring the practice of Product Ops for the first time, read on to hear from someone who’s walked in your shoes. We’re making bets and adjusting as we go. At the end of the day, it’s an experiment but it might be helpful for others who are struggling to get started.
Teach your team by making learning look more like working
In this piece, we will talk about how to build a comprehensive feedback program to help all product people be the best they can be. These are methods I’ve found to be useful over the last 20 years of product management leadership across large and small companies.
525,600 minutes, how do you measure a year in Prod Ops?
With building a role from the ground up, it’s natural to take a moment and reflect on a year of new construction. Of course it’s obviously a work in progress. But nevertheless, there are some noticeable patterns in the construction.
Making the leap from product manager to product ops, with Kevin Sakamoto
Dollar Shave Club’s Kevin Sakamoto explores his transition from PM to product ops, the similarities & differences between the roles, and top tips for those thinking of making the leap. Here, we’ve got some of the key highlights from the Q&A.
The four types of product operations roles you’ll encounter
Creating a general statement that containerizes POPs undersells the role at best, or falsely describes it at worst. Instead, I propose the following four POPs archetypes as a starting point for employers and prospective applicants to better understand the role.
Learnings from launching product ops: Q&A with Gerisha Nadaraju
Launching product ops comes with a fair share of questions. Here, Gerisha Nadaraju, former Product Ops Lead and current Head of Biz Ops at Dojo, has got the answers you need.
Top 3 mistakes companies make with OKRs - and how we overcame them
When applied correctly, OKRs can be a valuable tool to empower your team to do their best work. I want to share with you the top three reasons why the OKR framework was failing us, and how we overcame those failures to help us balance alignment and autonomy.
The 5 W’s of Product Operations
As with most operations roles, product ops is primarily a support function that assists the product team but it is beginning to emerge as a vital piece of the product-led puzzle.
5 Takeaways from the Product Operations Summit
Over 1,500 of you attended the very first Product Operations Summit, and it became very clear that it’s an incredibly exciting time to be in the rapidly growing function. We’ve narrowed down a jam-packed day of insights into 5 bitesize takeaways.
The power of education in Product
We spoke with Duolingo’s Senior Product Ops Manager, Justin Goff, before his session at the Product Operations Summit, to talk about his career in both education and product.

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Reports 📂

In the inaugural report if its kind, we set the standards and defining features of the ever-evolving product ops role.

State of Product Ops 2022
Last year we opened the product ops box and took a deep dive into the emerging function; from exploring its definitions to establishing how it was making an impact. 12 months on, we’re unpacking exactly where product ops stands now.
The State of Product Operations Report
The State of Product Ops (POPs) report has dropped and in it, we’ve taken a deep-dive into this emerging function. From exploring its definitions to establishing what the future holds for the role, this report’s full of all the insights and info you need.

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