State of Product Data 2022


From key data sources and tools, to the structure of data in organizations and the metrics they inform, our latest edition of the State of Product Data Report will uncover exactly how product managers are using data in 2022.

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Why are we doing this report?

Data and product analytics are critical for PMs because they inform essential product activities, from setting OKRs to building product roadmaps. Data is the bread and butter of product management; all the very best products are data-driven.

But how is data being harnessed in 2022? How are PMs empowering users through analytics? And how will this evolve going forwards?

Together with Flatfile, we’ll be unpacking key results and statistics on how product data is being utilized across organizations, what PMs are achieving with product analytics in 2022 and how it’s helping them reach their goals, the product metrics driving data-driven decisions, the tools transforming day-to-day product management, and more.

Ultimately, we’ll answer the question: “what’s the current state of product data in 2022?”

With your help, the report will cover:

The next iteration of the State of Product Data Report will provide everything PMs and product leaders need to know when it comes to product data in 2022, including:

🤔 Industries leading the data charge in 2022

💡 The importance of evolving analytics solutions

🗝️ Key metrics informing data-driven decisions

🔥 Expert insights on the power of product data

⚒️ The best tools being used to track and transform day-to-day operations

⬆️ How leaders are choosing product analytics vendors

🔮 What the future holds for product data and analytics

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This report will be bursting at the seams with critical data and product analytics insights.

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