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  • Optimizing productivity: Our research aims to provide you with invaluable insights into how data democracy can optimize productivity and foster alignment within and beyond the product organization. The transformative potential of data is at your fingertips.
  • Harnessing data for value: Learn how to unlock the full potential of data to create significant value for your organization. We highlight the ways data can become your most valuable asset.
  • Extracting insights: Jump deeper into data and discover meaningful insights that drive your organization forward. You'll gain the tools and knowledge to extract the most from your data sources.
  • Impact on organizations: Understand the impact of data democracy on organizations and their internal teams. Gain clarity on how it can enhance collaboration, decision-making, and overall performance.

Dig into juicy stats like:

  • Of those we surveyed, 41.7% agreed that inaccurate decision-making is the biggest challenge associated with incomplete data.
  • Our respondents agreed the most important outcome data democracy can have on cross-team collaboration is facilitating information sharing and knowledge exchange. 
  • 52.8% of those surveyed found open and transparent access to data for all individuals to be the best core principle of data democracy.

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Our report is the result of a collaborative effort with FullStory, the leading Digital Experience Intelligence platform. Together, we shine a light on the vital concept of data democracy, but this journey wouldn't be complete without your contributions to our survey.

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