My name is Charles Caldwell, and I lead product at Logi Analytics.

Throughout my career, I focused on enabling humans to make more effective decisions by delivering data driven insight.

This article is entirely focused on AI, and rightfully so.

AI is referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, and as everything became digital in the third industrial revolution, the pace of change is no longer constrained by the linear analogue world and is increasingly moving at exponential speed.

Gartner is forecasting that in 2021, artificial intelligence will generate around $2.9 trillion of business value, and it’ll do this by saving 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally.

AI is already demonstrating that it can help us solve more complex problems at a larger scale, in many cases, with greater accuracy. Through applications such as supply chain, cancer diagnosis, drug discovery, and pharmaceuticals, AI is proving it can be transformative.