In this episode, we’ve got not one, not two, but a trio of expert guests offering their unique insights. We’re joined by Kam Dadfar, Virginia Chiarentin, and Charlotte Hayward from the Product Ops team at Onfido.

They discuss how harnessing the power of data can unlock both process and product improvements in a fast-growing scale-up. 👇

‎Product Ops Podcast: Season 2: Driving customer and data insights, with Onfido on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Product Ops Podcast, Ep Season 2: Driving customer and data insights, with Onfido - 8 Apr 2022

Key talking points include:

  • Using customer insights to improve a trial adoption process.
  • Building on data insights to drive long-term product improvements.
  • Scaling an NPS system.
  • How product ops can function as a neutral party that puts customer interests first.

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