For the next insight-laden episode, we chat with Rick Smith, CEO at Axon (Formerly TASER) the global leader of connected public safety technologies. Rick takes us through his inspirational product leadership journey; from the tragedy that sparked a passion to seek new technologies to protect life, to powering through user pushback and bringing about fundamental changes in society.

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‎Show For the Love of Product 💙🎙, Ep Following your extinct as a product leader, with Rick Smith - 11 May 2022

Key talking points include:

  • How the product vision is creating a future world without guns.
  • Why solving the most challenging problems drives the community at Axon.
  • The power of user feedback during a product launch.
  • Rick’s advice on building a product team from the ground up.
  • Why a customer telling you “hell no” can be a GREAT sign.

A little about the guest

Rick is known for being a pioneer of technology, especially when it comes to solving challenging problems. He founded the company that made the bullet obsolete, building the device that became more well-known and ubiquitous in law enforcement.

From starting the company - now known as Axon - in a garage, Rick has pushed it beyond weapon technology and towards a broader purpose of matching technology to public safety needs to make the world a safer place. He’s built an incredible product team from the ground up, growing into a global brand that’s now changing the world.

Axon’s mission today is to protect life and the company has seen huge success as a SaaS business, disrupting the public safety space and arriving at nearly an $11B valuation today.

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