We got the opportunity to chat with Kyle Poyar, Operating Partner at OpenView, the expansion stage venture firm helping to build software companies into market leaders. Kyle takes a deep dive into the origins of the product-led growth (PLG) concept, what drove him to share his story, and the inside scoop on the future of PLG.

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‎Business · 2022

Key talking points include:

  • How PLG became a household concept in SaaS.
  • The power of community partnership.
  • Why an ecosystem of partners is important for implementing best practices.
  • Getting ready for PLG 2.0 with the age of connected work.
  • The product-led growth hyphen debate!

A little about the guest

Kyle is an expert on what drives a SaaS company’s growth, optimizing go-to-market strategies, and SaaS benchmarks. He writes about all things product-led growth and more in his popular newsletter - Growth Unhinged.

He currently leads OpenView’s Growth Team and has helped the portfolio generate over $100 million in additional enterprise value in the last three years. Before joining OpenView, Kyle was a Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners, where he led consulting teams on strategy engagements with market leaders in enterprise software, business information/data services, digital media, online marketplaces, and telecommunications.

OpenView is launching its next big thing - taking the current learnings and reaching a higher bar with PLG, and it’s going to be called the age of connected work. Kyle explores this and more in this episode!

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