Welcome to the next episode of For the Love of Product! Our guest is Laura Marino, Chief Product Officer at TrueML (parent company of TrueAccord) a revolutionary FinTech company that's changing the game when it comes to debt resolution.

Join us as Laura takes us through her inspiring career in product, her passion for companies going through growth stages, empowering consumers to make key decisions on their debts, as well as her insights on entrepreneurship, and more.👇

‎For the Love of Product 💙🎙: Leveraging tech to power a consumer-focused approach, Laura Marino on Apple Podcasts
‎Show For the Love of Product 💙🎙, Ep Leveraging tech to power a consumer-focused approach, Laura Marino - 1 Mar 2023

Key talking points include:

  • Empowering consumers through digital channels and AI technology.
  • The importance of women in product leadership.
  • Why company culture is crucial during tough periods.
  • The power of combining cultures to transform a complex tech space.
  • Why alignment on goals is crucial to avoid making trade-offs between what's good for the client versus what's good for the consumer.

A little about the guest

Laura is a passionate leader with a proven track record of scaling product organizations, having led teams at SAP labs, Nuance, Microsoft, and others.

She's been recognized as one of the top 25 FinTech Product Executives of the Year in 2021 by the Financial Technology Report and the winner of the 2020 Technology Up and Comers by Oprah and Business Insider.

With two Master of Science degrees from Stanford and extensive experience as a guest speaker, Laura is also a dedicated supporter of women and diversity, serving on the board of Leading Women in Technology, a nonprofit that promotes women in leadership.

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