In this episode, we’re joined by Arvind Dutta as he reflects on his multifaceted career in product management, emphasizing the customer-centric nature of the role. Listen to how he faces the challenges of fostering collaboration within teams and shares the vital role Microsoft Teams played during the pandemic. Arvind also discusses the product manager's unique position as an influencer and the emotional pendulum experienced in the role, advising a balanced perspective. 

Arvind explores the evolving impact of AI, the need to customize frameworks, and the critical role of storytelling in product management, underlining its power to convey concepts effectively. This insightful podcast sheds light on the dynamic and emotional aspects of the product management profession while offering valuable insights for navigating its complexities.

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‎Show For the Love of Product 💙🎙, Ep Navigating the product manager rollercoaster, with Arvind Dutta - 28 Sept 2023

Key talking points

  • Arvind’s enticing career journey
  • Challenges of collaboration
  • Impact of Microsoft Teams during the pandemic
  • Emotional pendulum in product management
  • The role of AI in product 
  • Customization of frameworks
  • Importance of storytelling

A little about the guest

Meet Arvind Dutta, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in leadership roles across product management teams, product marketing, business strategy, and other critical areas within the tech industry. Currently, Arvind holds the position of leading global strategy for Microsoft Teams, integrations, media portfolio, and the developer segment. 

Before taking on this role, Arvind directed the global strategy for Dynamics 365 cloud migration and served as a Senior Product Manager for software and services at Fluke Corporation, as well as a Senior Product Manager for Growth at Corning Incorporated. 

Arvind boasts an MBA from Pennsylvania State University and a master's degree in Industrial Design from the National Institute of Design. Notably, he is actively involved in mentoring early-career product managers and marketers, sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise to foster the growth of emerging talent in the field.

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