We know how important it is to bring the product-led community cutting-edge insights from pioneers and experts at the top of their game. And we're fortunate to get the best of the best speaking at our virtual and in-person events.

But what’s it really like being a speaker at a Product-Led Alliance event?

We caught up with Chris Butler, Lead Product Manager at Google, who's a course instructor for Product Ops Certified, contributor to the PLA blog, and a speaker at multiple PLA events.

Chris takes us through his experience being a speaker and such an awesome part of the PLA community as a whole...

In this case study we discuss:

Q: Why did you decide to be a speaker at a PLA event?

A: I’ve always been interested in giving back to a community that has helped me. Over my entire career I’ve met amazing people that gained mastery in their fields and learned a lot from them.

With PLA I was able to give back to an engaged community of product managers and product operations people. Whether they were just getting started or were experienced people struggling with a new context there was always something I could learn by helping.

PLA events are a great place to meet those people in person and build connections that will help you move forward in your understanding and your career. Speaking at these events has

Q: What made you choose our events?

A: There is a really great convergence of different product ops people from around the industry in the PLA Slack and events. I’ve always been impressed with the interest and compassion the people attending the events bring. They have a huge amount of curiosity of other people that makes the events great.

Q: What were the event’s main benefits for you as a speaker?

A: The biggest benefit to me is to start a conversation with my community. I’ve always tried to push the edge of thinking in product management and product operations.

By speaking at the PLA events I can discuss new ideas that are still forming with an audience that is seeking to be better at what they do. The combination means that I’m always getting great feedback and stories that help me further hone my ideas.

Q: What were the key outcomes for you?

A: The two key outcomes are to give back to a community that has helped me and to get help understanding the applicability of new concepts I’m developing.

Q: What value did you want to bring to the product community with your session? And do you think you were able to achieve that?

A: I wanted to show them some alternative ways to consider the work they do. Sometimes it feels like there is an echo chamber reflecting back aspects of the work that aren’t as future looking but trying to keep the status quo.

I believe I’ve been able to open people’s minds to alternatives while respecting what has come before.

Q: Why should other product pros take advantage and present at future Product-Led Alliance events?

A: Everyone should consider the PLA events since they bring the most talented in the industry together to consider and discuss the future of the practice. The people that join are always open to a great discussion.

Q: What other parts of the Product-Led Alliance are you a part of (for example the Slack community, or the PLA blog) and how has this benefited you?

A: I interact with people daily on the PLA Slack and have written a lot for the PLA blog. Just like the live events I’m able to get great discussions started with the community to help them consider alternatives and to help me really focus my messaging for new practices.