After narrowing it down to just six teams, choosing a winner for this year’s Product-Led Team of the Year was a tremendously difficult task.

However, here we are, and the winner is…



A huge congratulations to Sukriti Chadha and the rest of her amazing NYC Infra Team team:

  • Vivian Santos - iOS Engineer
  • Alex Beggs - Android Engineer
  • Erik Junberger - Engineering Manager
  • Sami-Amran Bouchebaba - iOS Engineer
  • Sukriti Chadha - Product

Here's a reminder of the full team and their incredible achievements this year. 👇

Did you know, 1 in 4 people in the US have some form of disability?

Well, this team was responsible for developing tools so mobile developers at Spotify (with over 300 million users) can catch bugs related to accessibility as early in the development lifecycle as possible.

They also made the assignment and reporting easy by integrating them with their open-source front end. Their work was recently accepted by CSUN, the largest annual accessibility conference.

Over the past 12 months, they’ve been refining the solution and building even more reliable tooling for accessibility on mobile.

The engineers and managers went above and beyond to work through the complexity of two very different ecosystems (Android and iOS) with little guidance.

They took into account actual user needs and tied them back to developers' day to day so accessibility becomes second nature.

Given the increasing adoption of mobile and awareness around the importance of accessibility, this is a practice the industry as a whole can benefit from, we’re sure.

Let’s not forget the runners up!

A huge congrats to the teams at...

SUSE and Teacherly!

The team at SUSE has shown a revolutionary approach to pivoting new ideas and products.

They’ve fostered innovation at break neck speeds and the incubator team have done a sterling job this year.

The Teacherly team has been equally as impressive, growing their community to over 14,000 educators worldwide, whilst also growing their ARR by 111% from $478k to over $2.8million.


Truly incredible feats.

For all their massive accomplishments and to see which other teams were shortlisted, check out the full write up here.