Buckle up for the next installment into the heart of product operations with Product Ops Chronicles – the podcast that's not just a casual chat but your rendezvous with the inner workings of product strategy, operations, and everything in between. 

In the latest episode, we're unraveling themes that not only shape the discipline but also influence the trajectory of your product organization. From the holistic approach that positions product ops as the strategic ally to leadership, all the way to the nitty-gritty details of navigating a startup-to-scale-up transition – our hosts have got your back.

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‎Show Product Ops Chronicles, Ep Product ops: Leadership partner or product assistant? - 21 Dec 2023

What's brewing in the latest episode?

🌐 Holistic approach to product operations: Ever wondered how product ops can play the ultimate wingman to your product organization? We're dissecting the holistic role of product ops – from aligning with business needs to the nitty-gritty of tactical work for those immediate product team cravings.

🌍 Industry-agnostic nature: Explore the diverse landscapes of product ops! We're breaking down the industry barriers, focusing on how product ops becomes your strategic compass, guiding decisions without being bogged down by industry nuances.

🗣️Facilitation and communication skills: Product ops as the orchestra conductor of product leadership! We're talking about the critical role of facilitation and communication skills – injecting that strategic thinking into everyday activities and ensuring everyone's jamming to the same beat.

⚖️ Accountability and autonomy: Is your organization ready for a friendly nudge? Unpack the concept of product ops as the "accountability buddy," the mirror to organizational actions. Balancing autonomy and accountability? We've got the insights.

🚀 Startup to scale-up: Buckle up for a ride through startup vibes transitioning to scale-up glory. We're discussing the challenges, the dynamics, and the mindset shift needed for a smooth ride in implementing product ops.

 🔄 The two-way support street: It's not a one-way street! Delve into the reciprocity of support – not just how product ops supports product leadership but also the support product ops professionals crave. A podcast where support is a two-way avenue.

🌐 Beyond product teams: Unveil the hidden gems! Discover the untapped value that product ops brings to teams beyond product development. From sales to customer success, learn how product ops makes the intricate dance of product development visible to the entire organization.

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