In this episode, we're joined by Karen Gutierrez and Reema Joshi from the Product Ops team at Wise. They discuss how they're improving alignment and transparency around quarterly planning at a global company with 3000 employees in 17 offices across the world, and much more. 👇

‎Product Ops Podcast: Season 2: Quarterly planning, with Wise on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Product Ops Podcast, Ep Season 2: Quarterly planning, with Wise - 22 Jun 2022

Key talking points include:

  • Quarterly planning.
  • Growing a team initially from 1 to 2.
  • How product ops is improving transparency with a product mindset.
  • Product ops "owning" products (the Wise Mission Roadmap).

If you're in the midst of Q3 planning at the moment - then this is the ideal episode for you! 💡

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