In this episode, we spoke to Vaidas Adomauskas, then Chief Product Officer of Uncapped, now CPO at First Circle. He covered how to rapidly scale your product organization to reduce time to market and drive growth, why hiring previous founders as product leaders is a good idea, what it's like to have to close down a startup you really believed in, and more. 👇

‎For the Love of Product 💙🎙: Rapidly scaling your Agile product org, with Vaidas Adomauskas on Apple Podcasts
‎Show For the Love of Product 💙🎙, Ep Rapidly scaling your Agile product org, with Vaidas Adomauskas - 25 Jan 2023

Key talking points include:

  • The best practices of Agile for different-sized orgs.
  • His practical advice on embedding platform teams into product teams.
  • The key indicators of whether you’re achieving optimal results.
  • Why working in cross-functional teams is essential for customer satisfaction.
  • Critical insights on how to scale a multi-product business.👇
The Million Dollar Question: How do you Scale a Multi-Product Business?
Every small startup delivers products fast. You run fast iterations, quickly gather feedback and there’s lots of collaboration.

A little about the guest

Vaidas is passionate about solving customer problems by delivering and scaling innovative digital products. He’s done this successfully as a FinTech startup founder, CEO, CPO, CTO, advisor, and board member.

As well as bringing a wealth of experience from various product management, strategy and delivery roles, Vaidas is an expert on product leadership, scaling teams, and coaching.

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