Last year we opened the product ops box and took a deep dive into the emerging function; from exploring its definitions to establishing how it was making an impact. 12 months on, we’ll be following up with the State of Product Ops Report 2022.

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Why are we doing this report?

Of all the new product management specialist roles, one of the most critical that really emerged last year was undoubtedly the product operations manager. A role aimed at overseeing and enhancing how the entire product team works from alignment, to communication, to processes.

But where does product ops stand now? Is the function even necessary? Is it pivotal to product orgs or just a fresh way of painting over old problems?

There’s been a huge amount of discussion on product ops, from the likes of Marty Cagan, Becky Flint, Melissa Perri, and more - seemingly everyone’s talking about it. Our State of Product Ops 2022 Report will provide you with everything you need to know to gain insight on where the function is, how it’s evolved, and where it's going…

Ultimately, we’ll answer the question: “what’s the current state of product operations in 2022?”

With your help, the report will cover:

  • How product ops is being defined in 2022.
  • The changing skills and responsibilities of the role.
  • Whether product ops is more product management or ops.
  • How product ops teams are functioning.
  • The product ops tech stack.
  • Expert insights on the future of the function.

And more…

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