State of Product Ops

Product Operations

Definitions. Expert views. The future of the function.

We’ve taken a deep-dive into the emerging function that is product operations. From exploring its definitions to establishing what the future holds for the role, this report's full of all the insights and info you need.

Product ops has been gathering momentum as a function and is being embraced by organizations of different sizes and scales to support product excellence. So we delved deeper to uncover as much as we can on the role that’s helping product teams be better.

Does it deliver product focused insight into the end-to-end customer experience? Support the R&D team and their go-to-market counterparts? Or all of the above and much more? Explore our findings and find out for yourself...

In the report, you’ll find:

  • A rundown of key findings from our surveyed people in product.
  • How product ops people are defining the role.
  • Insights and answers from seasoned product pros.
  • An exploration of the role’s importance in the physical world.
  • An in-depth look at launching product ops.

Who's contributed to the report?

Opening up the product ops box

In our bid to establish some clearer insight on this role, we surveyed product ops pros themselves and asked them for their definitions. Here’s a sample of what they had to say:

“Product ops optimizes the product development process and the customer experience to ensure users get value from the product, and internal teams are educated, and enabled to do their jobs efficiently.”
“Connective tissue between product development and operationalize teams to ensure we are building the right way and bringing our teams and customers along for the journey.”

POPs is scaling product knowledge, strengthening product feedback loops, improving alignment and more. But it’s also growing, changing, developing and becoming pivotal to the processes surrounding product development, launch, and iteration. We’ve gathered as much expert analysis as we could and it was certainly worth it.

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