In this episode, we’re joined by Liam Young, founder of Harper, a technology startup that helps retailers deliver in-store experiences to their online customers. Listen as Liam explores the origin of his company and the hurdles he faced during COVID-19, a tiring time for any business.

But there’s triumph despite the challenges, and Liam expands on how he pivoted from a marketplace to adding value to merchandisers and retailers as a B2B2C company during the pandemic.

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‎Business · 2023

Key talking points

  • Liam’s career background 
  • How he effectively sold his product to merchants
  • What’s next for Harper from a growth perspective
  • His plans for expanding Harper to additional markets
  • What advice he’d give to people looking to get investments in their company
  • Harper’s target personas and how they influence product decisions

A little about the guest

Liam has a background in mechanical engineering, having studied in Manchester. After a terrible customer experience, he was inspired to start his company, named for its ubiquitous branding to fit all types of consumers. 

His company has raised over 3 million in funding from many high-profile investors, including former CEOs, from to Jimmy Choo, the technology director of LVMH and Farfetch. He’s also onboarded big retail and luxury brands from Selfridges, Salvatore Ferragamo, and more. 

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