We’re joined by Ninika Nanda, a visionary leader with an impressive track record. Dig into her story to see how Ninika embraced entrepreneurship, serving as a founder and contributing to the inception of impactful ventures.

Listen in to learn how she spanned various sectors, including banking, financial services, and retail e-commerce, all of which have made her a better product leader. This episode is for anyone looking to enhance their product leadership.

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‎Business · 2023

Key talking points

  • Product leadership focus: Explore the passion and practice of product leadership, unraveling the head and heart behind product-led growth.
  • Cultural integration and diversity: Insights into Ninika’s journey, relocating to the UK, fostering a rich understanding of inclusivity, diversity, and cultural integration.
  • Seeking fulfillment: Ninika's professional journey is marked by a search for fulfillment, where she recognized her passion for solving customer and business problems, leading her to transition from engineering to product roles.
  • Mentorship and community building: Understand dedication to mentorship and community building, emphasizing knowledge-sharing and fostering growth within the product field.
  • Engaging with industry leaders: Learn how to create meaningful discussions with seasoned CTOs, heads of product, visionary founders, and investors, providing valuable insights and stories. 
  • Women in leadership roles in product: Ninika speaks on her presence as a woman leader in the product space, highlighting the significance of her perspective on women-related leadership.
  • Embracing change and challenges: Ninika emphasizes the importance of being open to change, welcoming challenges, and not being afraid of failure. Her willingness to experiment and face the unknown has played a crucial role in shaping her career and life.

A little about the guest

Ninika initially started as an engineer and later transitioned to product roles due to a quest for fulfillment and a desire to solve customer and business problems. Following her MBA, Ninika transitioned to a fulfilling role as a business analyst, focusing on building business case strategies and commercializing products. She developed leadership skills, led small and large teams, and gained confidence in utilizing her leadership. 

Ninika faced another turning point when she joined her husband in the UK. This involved leaving a senior position and a fantastic team to adapt to a new culture and environment. The move brought a mixture of excitement and nervousness, highlighting the challenges of relocating and experiencing a new culture. 

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