🗓 Date: February 13-14, 2024
📍 Venue: Austin

What is Product-Led Summit? 🤔

Harness the power of in-person events at the Product-Led Summit and level up your PM knowledge by deep diving into product-led growth, PM best practices, and career progression with a day of presentations, panels, and networking opportunities.

This awesome 2-day event will be bringing 15+ sessions with a variety of speakers. Seriously, we're assembling some seriously big product brains from big and small companies alike.

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Speaker Highlights. 🎙

Nikhil is a Sr. Product Manager at Wayfair in their Order Delivery org. His team is responsible to enable tracking, data management, and analytics of customer orders. He has a total of 8 years of product management experience ranging from AI/ML-based UI products to Backend Platform services. Nikhil also runs his blogging channel Products and Businesses which is focused on writing about economics and the strategy side of the tech industry. He is also an amateur tennis player and a photographer.

Nicholas is a product manager who finds interesting use cases and problems to tackle. He's been thrown into difficult situations where adaptability and thinking with reason are crucial for survival. This includes his time at Adobe launching a redesigned support forum or building a new web experience for a freelancer marketplace product at Koder. He focuses on customers' needs to truly build functional products that are used by the masses. His areas of expertise include the following verticals: marketplaces, education, and recruiting.

Adam is an experienced product manager in the cybersecurity domain, focused on solving customer needs in the enterprise market. Throughout his career, he's led professional services teams, successful deployment projects for F1000 customers, and shipped exceptional products in identity and access management for IBM and enterprise security for Calendly.

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Agenda highlights. ⭐️

⭐️ Stop overcomplicating leadership and management
⭐️ Scaling a team in a hypergrowth environment
⭐️ AI hardware
⭐️ What's after PLG? Integrating PLG & SLG
⭐️ How to build trust in a remote world
⭐️ The evaluation of product strategy
⭐️ What's after PLG? Integrating PLG & SLG
⭐️ How to build trust in a remote world

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