In the ever-evolving world of product management, gaining insights from experienced professionals can be invaluable. In a recent episode of the "Everything Product" podcast, hosts Sid Saladi, Srinath Kotela, and Phani Vuyyuru had the privilege of interviewing Nasi Rwigema, a seasoned product manager at our very own PLA. 

Nasi shares his remarkable journey from being a founder to becoming a product manager, emphasizing the significance of building trust and empowering teams, and offering valuable tips for working effectively with stakeholders. 

Journey to product management

Nasi's unique career journey is a story of transformation. He transitioned from a background in aerospace engineering to renewable energy and private equity, ultimately becoming a product manager specializing in sustainable infrastructure and digital products. 

His journey is a testament to the diverse paths that can lead to a successful product management career. His varied experiences have shaped his approach to product management, creating inspiration for anyone on a similar journey.

The power of PLA

Nasi sheds light on PLA and the wealth of resources the community offers to product managers. From templates and reports to industry insights, PLA provides a treasure trove of knowledge and tools to help you excel in your role. Explore the educational opportunities, including certification courses and both in-person and virtual events, that can elevate your skills and knowledge in the product management field.

Transferable skills: From founder to product manager

Nasi discusses the transferable skills that allowed him to make the leap from being a founder to a product manager. Between building a social community online and creating a product identity before introducing it to the market, he highlights the skills and responsibilities of a product manager. Being a founder equipped him with valuable insights and skills relevant to his role at PLA and the success he’s brought to the company.

Understanding customers to collaborate effectively

Nasi emphasizes the importance of knowing your customers, understanding the problems you're solving, and the insights a product manager brings to the customer. The effectiveness of collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive product success is paramount.

As he takes responsibility across various communities within The Alliance, Nasi reminds everyone to focus on being the voice of the customer and understand their motivations. He offers tips and tricks for driving a product team and fostering a culture of creativity through customer insights.

These strategies have allowed him to stay ahead of competitors by providing higher value and identifying gaps in customer needs through empathy.

The joy of being a product manager

Nasi shares his favorite aspects of being a product manager, including extracting ideas from research and data to create the perfect solution based on customer needs. Learn how measuring metrics and KPIs can guide your product journey and ensure you're doing the right thing for your customers.


Nasi Rwigema's video interview is a treasure trove of insights, wisdom, and practical advice for product managers. Whether you're just starting your journey in product management or looking to enhance your existing skills, this interview offers a wealth of knowledge. 

It’s time to embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and inspiration in the dynamic field of product management. Unlock your full potential and take your product management career to new heights.