Welcome to the Product Operations Chronicles, PLA’s newest podcast – and your go-to spot for untangling the mysteries of product operations! 

Ever wondered if product ops is the fresh-faced superhero of the product world or just a clever rebranding stunt? Join our hosts Graham Reed, Antonia Lanid, and Chris Compston as they dive into the world of product operations, serving up a podcast that's as insightful as it is entertaining.

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‎Business · 2023

What's on the menu, you ask?

🌐 Exploring the product ops universe: Is it a new role or just a rebranded concept? Our hosts dissect this topic, bringing you the inside scoop on what makes product ops tick.

💪 Empowering product teams: Discover the pivotal role of product ops in unleashing the full potential of your product teams. Spoiler alert: it's not just about pushing buttons!

📣 Communicating value: Clear communication is the secret sauce. Learn why articulating the value of product ops is a game-changer for organizations looking to level up their product game.

🤝 Navigating the blurred lines: Get ready for a rollercoaster as we explore the overlapping realms of product operations, product consulting, and product coaching. Unraveling the mysteries, one episode at a time!

🌐 Bridging silos and fostering collaboration: Product ops as the ultimate bridge-builder! Learn how it breaks down silos and fosters collaboration between teams, ensuring everyone's on the same page.

Does the world need product ops?: A million-dollar question! Tune in as our hosts debate the necessity of product ops and whether it's the missing piece in your organizational puzzle.

📈 Tailoring product ops to you: One size doesn't fit all. Explore the varying needs for product ops based on an organization's goals, size, capabilities, and focus. It's like a custom-fit suit for your product strategy!

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