Ready for another episode of the Product Ops Chronicles? Cause we sure are.

This time in action hosts Graham Reed and Antonia Landi pair up with product ops superstar Holly Holbrook. The trio discusses everything you need to know about transparency and communications in product ops. 

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‎Show Product Ops Chronicles, Ep Product ops: Communication and transparency - 22 May 2024

In this episode, the gang examines the lack of transparency in product development and the goals that need to be set to improve these shortcomings over the long term. From building trust to empowering development, see how product operations can help aid the product lifecycle through proper collaboration and transparency. 

What’s brewing in episode 5?

  • How product ops can build trust and empowerment in product development
  • Improving communication between product marketing and product teams 
  • How to reinvigorate forgotten projects, kick off new projects properly, and the importance of roadmaps for their success
  • The importance of understanding the product lifecycle as a collective team
  • Challenges of communicating technical details to not technical stakeholders 
  • The nitty-gritty work that makes building products complex

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