Hello, my name is Soham Sharma, and I work as a GTM lead at Ziplyne. I'm also an aspiring product manager with an interest in AI and Machine Learning. 

Motivation for joining the community

My primary motivation for joining the Product Led Alliance (PLA) community was to deepen my knowledge in the field of product management. I recognized the importance of connecting with fellow professionals who share similar interests and challenges in this dynamic industry. PLA's reputation for being a hub of product expertise and resources made it an ideal choice for me.

Since joining PLA, I've particularly enjoyed the opportunity to contribute articles to the community. It has allowed me to share my insights, research findings, and experiences in the product management domain. Additionally, I've gained a profound understanding of my career trajectory toward AI product management thanks to the wealth of information and guidance available within the community.

Insightful and resourceful

I've found discussions related to the product lifecycle to be incredibly insightful. These conversations delve into the intricacies of product development, from ideation to launch and beyond. Topics on product funding have also been invaluable, offering insights into securing resources for innovative projects. I've also appreciated discussions around product development methodologies and roadmap construction, as they provide practical guidance for real-world challenges.

Resources in the community

The resources that have been most helpful to me within PLA include articles, whitepapers, webinars, and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. These resources provide a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. Articles and whitepapers offer in-depth information on specific topics, while webinars and AMAs allow for interactive learning and the opportunity to engage with experienced professionals in the field.

Since joining PLA, I've built meaningful connections with several professionals in the product management space. One standout connection is Rebecca Madro, a content editor, who has been exceptionally helpful and instrumental in my learning journey. The other connection is Catherine Norris, who works as a Content Marketing Manager at Collato. These connections have not only expanded my network but have also provided me with valuable mentorship and guidance.

Impact on professional growth

The PLA community has played a pivotal role in my professional growth. By actively participating in discussions and consuming resources, I've been able to implement techniques and strategies suggested by experienced product managers. These practical insights have yielded positive results in my role as a GTM lead, and I've seen improvements in our product strategies and customer engagement.

One specific instance where PLA made a significant impact was when I was grappling with finding the right direction to start my career in AI product management. The community shared valuable resources, including whitepapers and webinars, focused on AI product management. These resources, combined with the presence of seasoned professionals in the field, helped me gain clarity on the necessary steps to transition successfully into this exciting domain.

Contributing to the community

My contributions to the community have primarily involved sharing articles on various product management topics. This process of researching, writing, and sharing has been a valuable exercise for me, as it has deepened my understanding of the subject matter. The outcome has been a two-fold benefit: I've upskilled my knowledge while providing valuable content to fellow members, fostering engagement and discussion.

Community culture

The culture within the PLA community can be described as very supportive and encouraging. Members are open to sharing their experiences, insights, and expertise. There's a genuine sense of camaraderie and a willingness to assist one another in professional growth. However, I believe there's room for more frequent in-person meetups to further enhance the sense of community and collaboration.

PLA's value stands out due to its niche focus on product management. Unlike broader professional networks, PLA is tailored specifically for product professionals. This means that discussions, resources, and connections are directly aligned with my career aspirations and challenges in the product management field. It offers a depth of expertise that is unmatched by more generalized networks.

Other product professionals should consider joining the PLA community for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it provides a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse group of product experts globally. Secondly, it's an excellent platform to explore job opportunities in various industries and companies, with a focus on product-led roles. Lastly, PLA offers access to a wealth of resources, insights, and guidance that can significantly advance one's career in product management. Overall, it's a supportive and knowledge-rich environment that can help professionals excel in this dynamic field.