This article was originally from a presentation at the Product-Led Festival, which you can watch here.

My name is Natan Cohen, I'm the Head of Solution Architecture at Qrvey, a platform for SaaS organizations looking to tightly integrate self-service analytics capabilities into their own solutions.

In this article, I’ll talk about the best ways of delivering your SaaS application solution as quickly as possible and various strategies for maximizing your ROI.

Since we now live in a subscription-only world, we'll be focusing almost exclusively on that type of model.

Topic areas include:

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The SaaS solution/product landscape

What is a Saas solution/product?

What is a Saas solution/product?

First and foremost, if you identify as a SaaS organization you offer software as a service and you'll typically ensure that your product and solution supports multi-tenancy.

When we use the term multi-tenant we don't mean multiple customers, but rather, we're implying that multiple customers can safely and securely use the same application that may be deployed to the same environment.

Sometimes, the application of service is the core offering for a SaaS organization, and other times it's created to augment an existing solution or offering.

Pricing is typically based on a tiered subscription model. If you're building a SaaS solution this decade, then you'll almost certainly have a cloud-first deployment. Not necessarily cloud only, it could be cloud hybrid, but typically, you're going to find some component of that solution to be cloud first.