At Sprig, our goal is to empower product teams to quickly and easily understand how users experience their products. We work with fast-growing companies like Dropbox, Robinhood, Ramp, Coinbase, and Notion to collect that data directly from their product by running targeted Surveys, Replays, and Prototype Tests.

Since the beginning of Sprig, we have invested in artificial intelligence to support our mission of helping teams understand users’ experiences in real time, led by our Head of AI Kevin Mandich. Sprig’s existing GPT-powered AI Analysis summarizes open-text survey responses into themes and recommendations, and customers love using this best-in-class text analysis to help them spend less manually analyzing and grouping responses and better understand survey results.

With the recent advancements in AI, we’re thrilled to incorporate AI throughout our product lines. Today, I’m excited to share our AI vision with you.

What’s First: AI Analysis for Surveys

With AI Analysis for Surveys, you can get a deep understanding of your Sprig in-product survey data by rapidly turning feedback into actionable insights with an AI-generated summary and the capability to ask questions about your surveys. Here’s an in-depth look into what’s new:

First, every survey has an AI-generated summary, so you can skip tedious manual analysis and instantly get the top takeaways. Sprig AI will review every single survey response to find the most common themes in your users’ feedback and summarize them so you can quickly take action.

Second, you can ask Sprig AI to answer any custom questions about your survey data, and it will analyze responses across all of your survey questions to find the answer. It can even look across multiple questions and show correlations between how users answered one question or another. One of my favorite questions is how to improve a product based on a survey’s results, and Sprig AI instantly provides a list of suggestions.

Third, we’ve tackled the common issue of not knowing where to start with analyzing your survey findings. To help you dig deeper, Sprig AI suggests questions for you to ask that are tailored to your unique survey questions and responses. These suggested follow-up questions can give you a headstart with your analysis by surfacing deeper trends you might not initially see from the data.

AI Analysis for Surveys solves a common pain point for product teams looking to deeply understand and optimize a specific part of their product experience, from understanding why users are churning out of a product to figuring out how to boost the conversion funnel.

We’re excited to roll out AI Analysis for Surveys to our first set of customers today. If you’re interested in trying this new functionality, join our AI waitlist so you can be the first to know when it’s available to try on our Starter and Enterprise plans.

What’s Next: AI-Identified Product Opportunities 

Later this year, we’ll launch AI Analysis capabilities for your entire product experience, helping teams gain an even more complete picture of their users. Across your Surveys, Replays, Prototype Tests (and even user events and attributes), our AI will analyze the entirety of your Sprig user data, from their feedback to their product behavior, to uncover hidden insights.

As you launch Sprig studies and capture data across your product experience, Sprig AI will surface a real-time feed of product opportunities, continuously identifying ways to improve your product. Plus, you can ask Sprig AI specific questions, and it will review all of the data you’ve collected in Sprig to find the answer.

For example, you’re running several Surveys and Replays across your product’s conversion, onboarding, and adoption funnels. As those studies collect data on your users’ product experience, Sprig AI will generate a continuous feed with specific, actionable recommendations to improve your overall product experience. You can dig into any of Sprig AI’s suggestions or get additional recommendations with custom questions, regardless of their complexity, such as asking which feature you should build next or how you can improve onboarding conversion.

As our team continues to build and finetune this feature, join our AI waitlist so you can stay in the loop on the development process and be one of the first to leverage AI-identified product opportunities on our Starter and Enterprise plans.

Sprig’s Continuing Investment in AI and User Insights

At Sprig, we’re committed to empowering product teams with user insights so that they can build experiences that matter. I’m thrilled about the power of AI Analysis across all of Sprig’s product lines because it will give teams an unprecedented understanding of their users and the ability to build incredible products. And we’re not stopping here. In the future, we plan to inject the power of Sprig AI across every stage of product development so you have comprehensive insight into your users’ wants, needs, and behaviors.

AI is rapidly transforming user insights and product development, and product teams must learn how to utilize this technology to their advantage. With these upcoming AI features, I believe Sprig has not only answered the question of how to incorporate AI into product development but also empowered you to build the next generation of products and experiences.