Explore; key skills and responsibilities. Tactics for AI success. Machine learning metrics. Expert AI insights.

It’s time to take a look at the State of AI Product Management. Our report unpacks what it takes to be a successful AI PM, how product orgs are taking advantage of the technology, building AI products responsibly, and so much more.👇

We partnered with Intellum to survey PMs from around the world and uncover as much as we can on the shape of AI product management.

From breaking down the key skills and tactics used to build AI responsibly, to exploring how AI/ML projects are being measured for success and the importance of quality data -  this report's got it all.

Check out a selection of those we surveyed:

In the report, you’ll find:

🔑 Key responsibilities and skills for AIPMs.

⬆️ How organizations are taking advantage of the technology.

⚒️ Managing the ML lifecycle.

🤔 Expert insights on building responsible AI products, and more.

💡How AI projects are being tracked, and the barriers to overcome.

🔮What the future looks like for AI product management.

And here’s a little taster of some of the findings:

63% of PMs cited bridging the language of data science and product development, along with solving and prioritizing user problems as an AI PM's most important responsibilities.
The vast majority of all those we surveyed (84%) agreed that being customer-centric is more important than the data science side of building AI/ML products.
82% of our surveyed PMs ranked establishing diverse teams as one of the most effective tactics for building AI products responsibly.

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