In this episode, growth hobbyist Elena Verna takes a deep dive into going down a less conventional career path in product growth. Catch her wisdom on the unique ways success can be measured and how you can become an effective worker with big impact.

Between working at Amplitude, advising and contract positions, Elena covers the freelance world of product growth and how to align yourself with companies that fit your values.

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Key talking points include:

  • The highs and lows of job interviewing in the product world
  • Finding a company that works for both you and them
  • Choosing a familiar role versus what is best for you
  • What it takes to be a successful product leader and what does that success even mean
  • How your unconventional career is a valuable service in product-led growth

A little about the guest

Elena Verna is a growth hobbyist, Amplitude PLG expert in residence, and consultant with years under her belt working for various companies as an intern growth executive. She’s worked for Miro, Survey Monkey, Clockwise, and Crisp, among others. She focuses her skills on how to drive growth in b2b businesses and learning about the best frameworks and patterns for product success.

She emphasizes monetizing her hobby of product growth in the best possible way to enable learning while creating happiness for herself. When she isn’t helping companies navigate the product growth market, you can find her active on LinkedIn, posting about hot off-the-press topics and patterns she sees in the product growth world.

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